Friday, December 26, 2008

Embracing the 'newness'

Ahhhhhhhh...a new blog! Just like that first, fresh, virgin page of a blank new journal while the paper's still crisp and if you close your eyes you might even catch the scent through the bleach of whatever tree's pulp was pressed and processed to make it. I remember in grade school thinking the smell of fresh paper was kind of intoxicating until I realized it was the mimeograph inks my teachers 'printed' it with. Nothing in contemporary life comes close to the memory of that scent - it was probably not only eclipsed by photocopy machines in modern technology but I would bet somehow it was considered a toxic material to be banned forever. What a shame.

I came here to join in a process, a growth experience in creativity, with other participants and I'm excited about it. It's a step toward developing as a writer and artist meant to give hobbies and interests I've long felt passionately about more solid respect and worth in my own estimation and those around me. I've always resented that family members and friends seem to discount time spent on those pursuits as merely recreation and therefor open to being interrupted and even expecting me to totally push them aside to meet their needs and demands on my time & energy and yet I've let them do it. It's much easier to 'take a stand' now that I'm mostly alone and without much in the way of demands on my time and energy but I'm hoping easier doesn't mean less worthwhile or meaningful. That would be hugely disappointing. It's taken a long time to get here - to this freedom and room to spread my wings.

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