Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Morning Delight

Delightful to see but why do I wonder why I've never been able to produce a garden with flowers and vegies here?

(of course no pictures because I'm an idiot who ought to have her camera welded around her neck!)

Scene - Cool, for the time of day and date on the calendar. Midmorning. Still shady here on the westerly edge of the lake. I'm perched on an old counter stool set outside for breaks sipping a last mug of coffee. reading a bit in SARK's 'Prosperity Pie' (because I was looking the other day for 'Succulent Wild Woman' in my daughter's room and she took ALL the other SARK books back to college). In my peripheral vision over the edge of the book, two fawns leap across my view from the south to the north, followed momentarily by a third and I grin. (and silently curse not having my camera at the ready) Hardly a second goes by as I follow them out of sight to my left and one and then another comes right back followed by a doe and then the third little one. From where the fawns first appeared at my right comes another doe and the first two fawns stop in front of and to her side. Still grinning, I think to myself a mother's dialogue of Mama Doe #1 being glad her child has come home from play but irritated if those other two think they're gonna stay and hang out.

"You two can't stay here now. Go on home." she scoldingly says.

And I remember how I used to sit and watch the male and female mallards the first Spring I lived here strutting through the back edge of the property, peeking and poking at every clump of weed and grass growth, and imagine human conversation to their clucks and quacks as it they were a couple shopping for real estate as they scouted out a good nesting spot for egg-laying high enough from the water's edge so it wouldn't flood when the rains soon brought the level up. (You're probably thinkin' I'm crazy but I SWEAR that must be how 'Bambi' and 'Winnie The Pooh' were created. And now they're CLASSICS!)

This morning I imagined the does were sisters and Mama Doe #1 was none too pleased that Mama Doe #2 might be considering pawning off her twins when she had places to go and things to do and one was enough to handle. And about the time I get that far in my fantasy deer dialogue from where Mama Doe #1 had come comes a third doe and two more little fawns!

Three does and 5, f-i-v-e little fawns. WOW! (Now the language of my mental cursing is getting even more foul at not having my camera ready to point and shoot!) I want so badly to get up and grab the camera, but I'm certain my movement and the sound of the sliding screen door will spook them so I just sit still and watch. And grin some more.

And I'm grinning still as I type this out to share. GOSH, IT FEELS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! When was the last time you found yourself unabashedly grinning at something just plain delightful?


  1. I would like to invite you to Wrecking Sisters reunited
    Please stop by if you would like be a part of the fun

  2. I so enjoy your writing voice! Yes __ I remember a few weeks back it was a full moon and I swear, 30 bunnies were hunkered down sleeping in the back yard area -- dark little shaped lit by moonlight -- i was going to go step outside as well, but it seemed a shame to upset them -- so I stood and watched -- and smiled.

    it's the little things ain't it? :)

  3. Wonderful imagines--even without the camera. I love nature and all the critters. :)

    Me--I am notoriusly easily entertained and delighted--smile a lot. If life has been dark and rough--you can be genuinely thrilled by the light and smooth! :):)

  4. You are so blessed to be living where you live. That part of the country is so beautiful. Yosemite is one of my favorite places. Where I live I still get to see bobcats and coyotes, javelinas and deer once in ahwile. So great to see wildlife still wild! We had two baby bobcats in our tree with the parent the other day as we were riding our horses out of the yard. As long as they stay away from my dogs, they're cool!