Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Steps Away/Anticipation

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...THAT feels much betta! I could hardly stand the old appearance of my own blog. It felt like an old rustic/primitive camp cabin everytime I looked at it and while I love the old, rustic and primitive the walls were caving in on me. So, this evening I adapted a template to my liking and even changed my profile photo - just steps away, I hope, from being able to upload and share blog pics.
FYI - my companion in this new profile pic is one of the frog statues scattered all over Calaveras County, CA (home of what I think is billed as the world's biggest frog jumping contest) outside the entrance of Twisted Oak Winery last Fall. A couple friends and I were enroute to see Bonnie Raitt in concert at the Ironstone Winery Amphitheater just outside of Murphy's, CA.


  1. Looks good. How did you get your title picture small? Was it the template? Maybe you could share on a post.

  2. This was from one of the generic templates provided by blogger with some color and font changes (optional when you customize) but one of my blog friends referenced a free online photo editting site I'm sure you could use (they even have a auto format for blogger profile pics' sizing I found last night). I'm gonna try something else myself as soon as I figure out how to get pics from my camera onto this new puter. (went from windows 98 all the way to Vista last month - alot to learn)

    Thanks for coming by and glad you like the freshened look.

  3. Shoot, got distracted with an incoming phone call and forgot to pass along the link for photo editting -