Thursday, June 25, 2009

Should I Make Coffee, Now?

It's just past midnight and I was asleep but the phone rang - a dear friend from Chicago, and I couldn't just roll over and close my eyes again after we hung up. Gosh, I hope he can -it's past 2 am there. I ought to take advantage of the awake state and pick up the infernal book club book I doubt I have any hope of finishing by our meeting Sunday but history has shown so far that would truly have me back asleep in no time (can't seem to get more than 5-6 pages read without zzzzzzzzzzzzing out). Wish there were Cliff's notes for this book - at least maybe I could figure out from them if it's even worth trying to finish. Maybe I ought to put on a pot of coffee and force myself to pull an all nighter reading...

I caught a reference in someone else's blog comment to someone the other day to a character in the book so SOMEONE has actually read the durn thing. This is the 2nd recent book selection by this member of my book club that I would NEVER, EVER have picked up on my own as I don't care at all for sci-fi or fantasy genre reading or movies. And to top my own dislikes/preferences I should have known by an author they chose to endorse the book on its cover that if he liked it I wouldn't because despite the fact he doesn't write that genre, I don't like his books either.

My ex used to read absolutely every/anything. Cereal boxes, packaging materials, old envelopes....if it had print on it he'd read it. Except when I'd intentionally leave an article or book about improving your relationship or communication in marriage or something of the like, of course. Thought of it as bait on occassion but if he 'bit' he got away without taking the hook...
Come to think of it, he's probably read this book intrigued by the title "Wicked" and expecting to find something lewd and laviscious in its pages.

I don't know why I'm resorting to including him in my blog writing except that perhaps, he must have been on my mind when I fell asleep reading while watching Larry King Live. Larry had on his discussion panel re: the SC Governor just back from Argentina a couple of 'experts' who addressed somewhat glossily the issue of sex addiction and I was amazed to hear them both claim that 80% of couples can and do recover their marriages out of such. Guess that makes me a minority, and surprises the heck out of me too. I'd love to talk to a handful of those 8 out of 10 women and figure out the difference between them and me.

And no, I'm not making coffee now - gonna pick the book back up and I'm sure I'll be asleep again in next to no time and probably regretting my late night spillage here.


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