Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wreck This Journal Week 4 - Beauty

"The ideals which have lighted me on my way and time after time have given me courage to face life cheerfully, have been Truth, Goodness, and Beauty...The ordinary objects of human endeavour -property, outward success, luxury - have always seemed to me contemptible."
- Albert Einstein

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaay late posting this week for WRECK THIS JOURNAL but I've been 'working it' anyway. This page had me flooded with ideas and choices and temptations of expression. I had a few words I considered (kind of like at the beginning of the year) but after considering 'free' and 'mercy', 'create' and 'creativity' and 'perfectionist' with the big red universal slashed circle/NO symbol over it - ultimately I chose to go with the word 'Beauty' which was the word I chose for my 'word for the year 2009'.

And rather than follow the directions and 'write' it over and over I wanted to attempt something different, for I chose to collage the page and thus began tearing into magazines I was willing to scar and tear and 'destroy' for the purpose. I don't know about anyone else, but the magazines I keep in piles, baskets, on shelves I've kept for a reason and of course, I got distracted as I opened each one finding 'the reason' for keeping it and then finding other distractions within their pages as well. And - OF COURSE - once I got started cutting the word 'beauty', there were OTHER words that also 'spoke' to me, never mind the images. LOL Soooooooooooooo - here you have my first collage attempt since grade school. I wasn't sure how commited I was when I started so it's taped - not glued, but I kind of like it, ALOT. And when I get somewhere that I can add some miscellaneous desk/art supplies to my storehouse a package of glue sticks, some watercolor crayons and some new markers is on my shopping list.


  1. Beautiful! I love your twist on the page.

    And oh yeah, I know about getting distracted going thru those magazines... ;)

  2. Gorgeous page!!! I've been using magazine cut outs for my journal this week too, definitely more fun than I had imagined it being. I'll be posting these in Week 5. I love your choice of word too:-)

  3. Well, I think you've done a fabulous job. I started gluing everything in when I first started the journal, but now I've decided that I like double stick tape and regular tape. I don't have the dry time and can move quickly to another thought and another page if necessary.

    I'm your swap partner for our favorite page :) Send me an email and we can exchange addresses! Kirby3131(at)