Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where's the 'cleaning fairy' hiding? Or, wish I had a white tornado...

It's time I ought to be in bed, watching the end of a fave TV show before drifting off to sleep and I wish I was. I'm overwhelmed with all the neglected housekeeping of the past month since my girls were here and left again to go 'home' to IL. My Dearest Darlin' will be here in the morning and I know he'll be appalled at the state of the kitchen, bedroom and bath and those are what I ought to have spent time on today, in anticipation. I miss when I had the capacity to kick it up to tornado-mode (what was that cleaning product that used to have a white tornado ad campaign?) to get things in order before his arrival.

I did get my desk clean today - cleared the clutter and evidence of my perching tendency here. Strangely, instead of accomplishment encouraging me to move on to other priorities, the clean space is soooooooooooo inviting I just want to hang here and not look at the mess elsewhere. On the one hand I excuse my lingering with the need to 'test' the comfort and workability of new placement of keyboard and mouse and such...amazing what a difference a slight change of angle makes. Grateful as I am for my upgraded computer, I can't help thinking if I'd been shopping for myself I likely would have gone for a laptop instead. I've thought alot about the feng shui - or rather lack of it - and wish my desk is turned into the room instead of facing a wall, but the cords and ugly backsides of my equipment necessitates for appearance sake it do so.

Will be busy through the weekend - annual 4th of July poolside party and BBQ at Darlin's brother and sis-in-law's and the stock up shopping routine for groceries and sundries tomorrow - so will likely not be putzing on the puter again until Sunday afternoon. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day weekend...

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